The end. Or is it?

As you can see, I stopped posting updates long time ago. Life happened, still not a good excuse. Maybe I will restart this again, maybe. Don’t stay tuned, I am not expecting to have any readers here πŸ™‚ Cheers

Breakfast- 11 December 2016

This morning I got served as well.  Normally I’d scramble some tofu and throw some veggies in, but since my fiancΓ© insisted that I eat what she does, I couldn’t complain much. The breakfast has 2 parts: Fruit salad and sort of oat meal. The fruit salad this time consists of 1 parsimmon fruit (kaki),…

Breakfast – 10 December

No idea what’s inside since my girlfriend made it, but I assume the main things are: oats, dried apricots, currants, soy yoghurt & other stuff. Also a nice cup of coffee to start the long day ahead us πŸ™‚

Every meal & snack – 8 December

I had some problems today (shoulder injury) and wasn’t feeling so well. Not sure why, but I didn’t eat much through the whole day, which is the reason why I’m doing only one post today. Obviously I took a piece of vego (vegan hazelnut chocolate) just to have some energy flowing. and ate these during…

Today’s food shopping – 7 December 2016

Since this is a bit unusual post, I’ll use the chance to apologize for the huge delay in posts and missing some of the food/snacks. It has been a really busy period. Anyway. Today I got this idea to share the groceries we bought right after coming back from the market. So here’s a photo….

Dinner – 7 December 2016

Needed something quick so I grabbed some things that need to be “cleaned up” before they go bad. Finished the Whole wheat Bread, finished the jar of mamas ajvar, added a bit of red tapenade and found a lost avocado that was nearly at the end of it’s edible lifespan. Also a bit of cucumber….

Breakfast at 4 pm – 7 December 2016

I work at night these days so ny breakfast today was at around 4pm. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of the food. One I remembered, there was only one pizza slice left. My girlfriend brought it from a nice place with a lot of vegan pizza options. We got a delicious salad…

Dinner – 1 December 2016

Not a big challenge for my new pan, but yay! First use ever and looks awesome. If you’re wondering what’s this: The texture is quite nice and firm, and the taste interesting! Different than most buf also delicious. We finally have a proper dinner after a while.

Snack at work – Birthday of two colleagues

I usually skip the cake and just socialize, but one of my colleagues brought vegan chocolate! Guess the brand πŸ˜€ Really appreciate the effort that he went to a vegan store, although you can also find many vegan sweets in a normal store as well. This was surprise. Despite the look, the chocolate is delicious!…

Breakfast- 1 December 2016

Korean spiced tofu served with rice and quick kimchi. This was very delicious. I can’t really describe. I was very happy :3 I also had some chilli sauce with it and for desert – alpro dark chocolate pudding (soy based) – also delicious. I had a banana around 3pm. No photo available πŸ™‚

Few days delay due to moving

It seems that I missed several meals. I took photos of most of them but had no chance to post here. I’ll make it up these days πŸ™‚ Will post the most recent food, and then try to add up the gap using proper date stamps. For now, here are my new pans!

Dinner – 22 November 2016

With a few days of delay, I’ll try to make up as I have photos of almost everything consumed. For this evening, my girlfriend bought me vegan pizza: It was delicious! I also finished the leftovers from previous day a bit later :))