Full day in one post-20 November 2016

These days I got dirty hands most of the time (paint), and not much chance to document every bite. 

My food is spead in small bites of everything. I eat fruits like oranges, bananas, mandarine, tomato. I eat chocolate, OMG it is so awesome (Vego), and I eat lots of nuts as well – mostly cashew & almonds. 

The rest is very well known by now. Spelt bread, hummus, ajvar, red pesto, mustard, peanut butter. Veggies are there too. This time cucumbet, rucola, tomato, red paprika..

Oh yeah, almost missed this smoothie:

One huge mango, half banana, lemon juice, turmeric, ground pepper, ceylon cinnamon, ginger powder & a bit of water.

Except for the chocolate, almost everything else is wholefood. You know what’s good about it? I don’t count the calories at all. Everything is so awesome and my body knows how to deal with it, even with 6000+ kcal intake today đŸ™‚


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