On the fly dinner

Moving to a new apartment ain’t easy, but somebody gotta do it. Painting walls is interesting, but indeed takes time & energy. Still no proper dishes at our new place, so this arrangement was done by my girlfriend. And for that I thank her. Who said that tomatoes in The Netherlands are tasteless? These are…

Potent breakfast – 17 November 2016

Lots of physical work today, so I decided to pile up some energy and use it during the day. It was a nice chance to use the leftovers. Final product looks like this: And this is a few days old soup (still nice and charming): I fried some onion, added frozen spinach & kale (5…

Dinner at Sashka’s place

Happy Birthday Sashka! Thank you for all the vegan options ❤ Ratatouille style pasta, potato salad “компировача” & bread with hummus 😀 Also rice pudding – сутлијаш 😀 Basically rice, sugar and soy milk  Unfortunately the cake is traditional dutch appeltaart and has (cow milk) butter, so I’ll skip it 😉

Hummus at the airport

Couldn’t resist Mazza’s hummus. Had to finish it along with melba toast before traveling 🙂

Early lunch – 16 November 2016

So this is one of my classic salads I enjoy at work. The ingredients always vary. This time: Green beans Silver rice Broccoli Beans Sprouts Peppers Baby Corn Eggplant Also a nice piece of bread with sun dried tomato 🙂

Leftovers lunch

No time for cooking today. No food throwing too. So here we go. The gnocchi from yesterday and lentils the day before that. This is not a good combo, but I’m not going to follow these rules when I need my food solely as a fuel. Also, AJVAR is here for the pleasure. Peace Piece…

Dinner – 14 November 2016

Gnocci with mushroom sauce + plant cheese + the lentils from yesterday The sauce is made of onion,garlic,soy cream,oat milk, mushrooms,nutritional yeast, salt & pepper I also had some snacks while cooking – finishing off roasted macadamia & cashews