Sometimes I wonder what I eat. Sometimes I do forget. I’d like to know, for historical reasons. You know, for the science.

Sometimes also people are wondering what I eat (sometimes is not often). I only eat plant based food. Some people are not comfortable with this and they wonder what I eat. Well NOW you know.

My food is not (always) fancy. If you are here to see photos of fancy food go to Instagram – you’re wasting your time on my blog.

Why I’m doing this? Because I can.  No, seriously, it is very easy, almost effortless and it may be handy sometimes in the future, for whatever reason. After all, sharing is caring, and sometimes I don’t care which means I may miss an update.

I’ll post *everything* I eat. If it is not here, I did not eat it. Sometimes I’ll just describe what I eat (if I don’t have photo available), and sometimes there will be delay (for obvious reasons).

For those of you thinking that I’m wasting time:

I’m writing this in the tram while traveling to the dentist. It takes only 5 seconds to take photo of your food before you eat, and takes 1 minute to make a post using mobile app. Many people would rather spend their time browsing Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Reddit/whatever, so show some respect, will ya?

Stay cool and go vegan!

~ Sasho Andrijeski

P.S. In case you want to get in touch, you can send me an e-mail using [myfirstname] [at] [mylastname] [dot] [net]

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