Asian food at work – 22 November 2016

Rice noodles with vegetables, asian sauce and tempeh This is something between breakfast and lunch. I almost forgot to take a photo. I also had some nuts and peanut flips at work.

Dinner – 21 November

Needed something warm this time. Mostly rice, kale, soy chunks & stuff.  I also ate some chocolate after this.

Curry with Tempeh – 21 November 2016

Had this big dish at work. It has potatoes, carrots, tempeh, rice, baby corn, etc. The sauce contains coconut milk so it is quite intense 🙂 The photo doesn’t look good, but it was delicious. Oh btw, I ate some chocolate in the morning along with this mandarine

Full day in one post-20 November 2016

These days I got dirty hands most of the time (paint), and not much chance to document every bite.  My food is spead in small bites of everything. I eat fruits like oranges, bananas, mandarine, tomato. I eat chocolate, OMG it is so awesome (Vego), and I eat lots of nuts as well – mostly…

Lunch – No photos 19 November 2016

I don’t have photos of my food during the day, but I ate some bananas, bread with ajvar, bread with hummus, had some orange juice, club mate & other small snacks/nuts.  Since I don’t have food photo to share in this post, here’s one of the photos we took today, one of my favorites

Same breakfast as yesterday

Well, at this point I’m not sure if I should do new posts or just describe that I’ve ate the same thing. Anyway, I’m working all day and no time to think of food, ordering is not an option when I still have stuff in the fridge. Here you go, my breakfast for today 19…

Before-sleep drink

I never mentioned here before, but I’m making my own strange drink often. The reason is intake of some awesome ingredients that are keeping a good health. For example, this evening I mixed water,turmeric (curcumin),black pepper, ginger (powder), lemon and wheat grass powder. Daily intake of turmeric is VERY benefitial and cancer fighting. Adding black…

Food as a fuel again

Still painting, still no pots and cutlery, but we have plastic dishes now! 🙂 My food is basically the same one from yesterday. I finished the other avocado part, new box of hummus and more tomatoes! 😀 No time to care about the food these days, so yeah, it is monotonous.

Breakfast in Radion

We were buying some stuff in the area and got hungry. I realised that this awesome place called Radion is nearby, so we went to get some snacks. The food was delicious and the portions big! I’m all full now 🙂 I ordered spicy hummus, green salad & fries. I don’t remember eating better fried…

On the fly dinner

Moving to a new apartment ain’t easy, but somebody gotta do it. Painting walls is interesting, but indeed takes time & energy. Still no proper dishes at our new place, so this arrangement was done by my girlfriend. And for that I thank her. Who said that tomatoes in The Netherlands are tasteless? These are…

Potent breakfast – 17 November 2016

Lots of physical work today, so I decided to pile up some energy and use it during the day. It was a nice chance to use the leftovers. Final product looks like this: And this is a few days old soup (still nice and charming): I fried some onion, added frozen spinach & kale (5…